Tichacek Finishes is the original "at home" Weathered Bronze finish that turns your concrete, metal, wood and pottery pieces into ageless classic art!

Weathered Bronze by Tichacek Finishes

Weathered Bronze is a two step process consisting of a protective base coat Franciscan Brown and a final finish of Verde Patina glaze.

Franciscan Brown - The base coat of your finish consists of two coats of Franciscan Brown. This is a highly durable protective finish.

Verde Patina - The patina glaze that you apply to your desired intensity. This consists of wiping on the Verde Patina and wiping it off to the desired effect. You are in control of the final look!

Weathered Bronze Finish by Tichacek was introduced to the market over 60 years ago. Our product has a rich history as the “go to” finish for home and garden decorators as well as professional landscapers and architects.

Our Story
  • Pottery

"Tichacek is one of those wonderful old brand names that we are lucky to have in the 21st century. The easy two-part process instantly adds the "patina" of age and good taste to ironwork and garden furniture. The best part is it gets better and better the longer it is outside, rather than chipping or spalling. Especially in the South, the pale, soft Verde Patina works especially well with bricks and azaleas!" Ralph Harvard - Architect

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